Ana Beatriz

Itaú | Software Engineer

?? Software Engineer • Java Full Stack Developer • Tech Speaker • Community Co-Organizer • Writer of some Articles #Angular #Java #Kotlin #Nodejs

Brazilian girl, Software Engineer at Itaú, JavaEE8 Developer, Kotlin and Angular. Organizer and Manager of Sou Java SP, Womakerscode and Unicorntech, Brazilian communities. Fanatic for good code practices, SOLID and everything that makes our lines more beautiful, passionate about Java since she started programming, adept at movements that involve women in technology. Java instructor, article writer and recently Youtuber


JVM under the hoods
You have certainly heard of the Java Virtual Machine, but do you really know how it works? What’re it’s optimizations, and how can your monitor the performance of your applications with JVM? In this talk we will see all the architecture of JVM, the garbage collector and a little bit of JMC (Java Mission Control) and how it can improve your java applications end to end!