Andrey Goncharov

Hazelcast | Full-stack developer

Full-stack TypeScript and JavaScript developer. Aspiring speaker. Blog on an irregular basis. Love open-source. Run BeerJS Voronezh.

Andrey is a full-stack TypeScript and JavaScript developer. He came from working in two software consultancies on a variety of projects: from small startups to well-established enterprises. Now he is happy to be a part of a family at Hazelcast. He is highly interested in designing scalable systems from both, frontend and backend, perspectives. A big lover of open-source and an author of a small technical blog.


React: Lifting state up is killing your app
Have you heard about “lifting state up”? Is it possible that one of the 12 main concepts in the official documentation might lead to poor performance? Can best practices lie? We’re going to build a simple data grid with React. We will see which pitfalls it hides and when O(1) can still be slow.