Burr Sutter

Redhat | Developer Advocate

CodeCaster, Java Champion, #Kubernetes Trainer, Live-Demo Trapeze Artist, true believer in open source & community

A lifelong developer advocate, community organizer, and technology evangelist, Burr Sutter is a featured speaker at technology events around the globe—from Bangalore to Brussels and Berlin to Beijing (and most parts in between)—he is currently Director of Developer Experience at Red Hat. A Java Champion since 2005 and former president of the Atlanta Java User Group, Burr founded the DevNexus conference—now the largest Java event in the U.S.—with the aim of making access to the world’s leading developers affordable to the developer community. When not speaking abroad, Burr is also the passionate creator and orchestrator of highly-interactive live demo keynotes at Red Hat Summit, the company’s premier annual event.


Supersonic, Subatomic Java with Quarkus
Introducing … Quarkus! The rise in popularity of the linux container as the primary way to package your application seemed like a simple change on the surface. Yet, as we saw with the Java Docker Fail problem, it was not a transition completely without challenges for the Java community. Furthermore, we have now seen a number developers at many organizations considering a move to Node.js or Golang to get the performance and tiny memory footprint they need to run in a Kubernetes and cloud environment. In this session, we’ll demonstrate how you can optimize your enterprise Java apps, your APIs, your microservices, and your “serverless functions” for a Kubernetes/OpenShift and cloud architecture —vastly smaller, vastly faster, and fundamentally more scalable.