Elder Moraes

Red Hat | Developer Advocate

Helping @java developers to build & deliver awesome applications. Published author. Board member @soujava. Developer Advocate

Elder helps server-side developers to work on great projects by guiding them on how to build and deliver secure, available and fast applications. With many years of Java Enterprise development experience, he is an active participant in the Jakarta EE discussions. He is also the author of “JavaEE 8 Cookbook“, where he provides deep knowledge about Java EE 8 API’s and how to use them to solve real enterprise problems. The host of the “JavaEE 8 – the Next Frontier” videocast, Elder is passionate about Java, cloud and systems architecture. As a Developer Advocate, he inspires crowds to adopt Enterprise Java by sharing experiences and best practices through online content and at international events like JavaOne, Code One, Oracle Code, TDC, QCon, Campus Party and Devnexus.


The quest to the language Graal: one JVM to rule them all
Yeah, Frodo… isn’t that easy to work on projects with multiples languages that don’t integrate natively? That’s like a quest to Mordor: a lot of dangerous, pitfalls and epic battles against hordes of Bugs (or Orcs, you name it). In this situation, every developer would like to have a friend like Sam. Someone who would give interoperability among Elves, Dwarves, Java, Python, Scala, Node.js… and that still helps you to create a new language! Well, this friend exists. And he isn’t Sam. Smeagol would call it Precious, but its name is Graal VM. And in this session, we will show you how it will transform the way that you think and build software.