Grace Jansen

IBM | Developer Advocate

Developer Advocate at IBM, Biologist converted to Tech, TechWomen100 winner, Love any sport that involves throwing and catching, she/her, opinions are my own

Grace is a software engineer and developer advocate interested in cloud technologies, reactive architecture and developer experience. She is especially excited about driving more diversity and inclusivity in the tech industry.


Reacting to an Event-Driven World
We now live in a world with data at its heart. The amount of data being produced every day is growing exponentially and a large amount of this data is in the form of events. Whether it be updates from sensors, clicks on a website or even tweets, applications are bombarded with a never-ending stream of new events. So, how can we architect our applications to be more reactive and resilient to these fluctuating loads and better manage our thirst for data? In this session explore how Kafka and Reactive application architecture can be combined in applications to better handle our modern data needs.