Isabel Costa | Open Source admin

Software Engineer / #AnitaBLondon Community Leader / #OpenSource enthusiast / #GSoC18 student with @systers_org / METI graduate @istecnico / ??

Isabel Costa is a software engineer from Portugal, currently based in London. She was previously a Google Summer of Code student, where she proposed a new project - the Mentorship System - and it's now currently maintaining it. She is a GSoC Admin at Open Source and a Community Leader for London. She loves to speak about open source and help people make their first contributions.


Why, Where and How to contribute to Open Source
As a Google Summer of Code student at Open Source, I got to propose a project to be implemented from scratch and work on it on many levels and from the perspective of both contributor and maintainer. So in this talk, I will provide my insights over why it can be helpful to your career to contribute to Open Source, where you can get started with it (OS communities, initiatives, projects, etc) and how you can actually contribute in multiple ways to Open Source, whether you’re a developer, designer, tester… or just a curious person who wants to contribute to a project you care about.