Pratik Patel

IBM | Developer advocate

technologist - futureist co-org: @connect_js @devnexus @AtlantaJUG , North ATL JS, Big Data ATL Cloud and OSS at IBM

Pratik Patel is a Java Champion and developer advocate at IBM. He wrote the first book on ‘enterprise Java’ in 1996, “Java Database Programming with JDBC.” An all around software and hardware enthusiast with experience in the healthcare, telecom, financial services, and startup sectors. Helps to organize the Atlanta Java User Group and North Atlanta JavaScript meetup, frequent speaker at tech events, and master builder of nachos.


Quarkus: Java dev made fun again!
In this session, we will dive into Cloud Native Java development with Quarkus. The goal of this framework is to make Java development rapid and flexible, and also fun! Designed with developer velocity in mind, Quarkus allows you to quickly build and test Java apps. Based on standards, there are another reasons to consider Quarkus: * Super fast startup times (great for Cloud Native envs) * Lightweight, low overheard runtime (again great for Cloud envs) We’ll do live coding and cover these topics and more: ● Building REST apps with Quarkus ● Database access with Panache ● CDI, JPA, JAX