Sendil Kumar N

Uber | Senior Software Engineer

#opensource | Sr. Software Engineer @uber | Polyglot developer | #webassembly | |

Sendil is an explorer wandering in the land of programs. He is passionate about Open Source and contributes to many projects in his free time. During the day he build products that help customers and developers to have a better and enhanced experience. The motto of his life is “Docendo discimus”.


WebAssembly for the masses
WebAssembly is designed to run high-level languages like C/C++/Rust in the JavaScript world. WASM enables native speed execution and provides a sandboxed secure enviornment inside the JavaScript engine. WASM is built as an open standard and it is part of the Web platform. This session will introduce you to the following: What is WebAssembly and why should you be excited about it. How it works Various (high-level) languages that currently support WebAssembly and how to use them (with demos) The pros / cons / things to consider Things that you should before venturing into the world of WebAssembly