Tiago Alves

IRC.com | Fullstack dev

Christian-programmer-monty-python-geek. Fullstack dev. Progress Dev Expert. ❤️#laravel 💚#vuejs 💙#nativescript.

Over the last 15 years in the development business, Tiago did a bit of everything until finally landing in the soft arms of Vue.js. He is very excited with the possibility of using Vue with NativeScript and so he has been helping with the nativescript-vue community effort. Currently working full-time with NativeScript-Vue for IRC.com.


VueJS powered fluffy killing robots
The year is 2030. The humans are dead and the Vuebots won. This talk will be forever known as the start of the robot uprising. In this presentation, I will show how to VueJS to program an Arduino and a Raspberry-Pi powered robot. How? VueJS v.3 introduces a super cool way to use VueJS’ reactivity system by itself, which I will use to interact with sensors, leds, and motors. Then I will show how to build a custom renderer, where instead of <div>s and <button>s, we will have <led>s and <sensor>s. It will be a cool way to look into the internals of VueJS v.3. Also, the entirety of mankind will be annihilated.