How to save the world without leaving your desk!

The human race is using computers more than ever before. Billions of applications on millions of computers. Soon almost 1/5th of the global electricity supply will be used up by corporate data centres alone. What can we do to help reduce this trend? Can you as a single developer make a difference? In this talk we’ll explore the reality of mega data centres, what their owners are doing to make them greener and generally gasp at the scale of the challenges ahead. We’ll look at what runs in these environments and explore where the power goes. From there it gets a little easier to see how you can make a difference. We’ll visit the basics of making your application greener and talk about what’s happening in the Java arena to help you reduce the impact. Whether it is new thoughts about JVM directions, new frameworks or even new architectures, things are happening that can help you make a difference. Being greener can start with just one line of code.


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